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We bring Real Estate data, tools and marketing solutions to  anyone interested in becoming involved in Real Estate. 
Investors, individuals or groups looking for information about buying property to rehab and sell or keep for long term growth or quick flips. Single Family, Multi-family and Commercial property.

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Our Membership Community has been developed with a broad “tool set” for FlipProperties’ members to implement into their businesses and for their personal use.   

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Some of our members are already familiar with all aspects of Real Estate and some are just starting out.

  • Supplier Data Base:  access to discounted building, remodel and material suppliers.
  • BlueHammerer: rehab Software tool
  • PropStream:  is a powerful software with many Nationwide data search functions
  • Hard Money Lenders: Coming Soon!
  • DIY Programs: Easy 1-2-3 fixes & Videos (coming soon)
  • Monthly Product Drawings: A chance every month to Win Badass products if you are a FlipProperties™ member & verified with PropStream®
  • FP360: a complete  VR Toolset (coming soon)
  • Rehab Interviews: Remote & Onsite Real time flip properties
  • ​Community Chat: access to experts willing to share their knowledge
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FlipProperties is a membership community being developed with a broad “tool set” for FlipProperties' members to implement into their businesses and for their personal use.    Our members will receive cutting-edge information, access to special deals, tutorials, monthly give-aways and special member-only deals from select suppliers. We bring data, tools and marketing solutions to the general public and to anyone interested in becoming a real estate investor and buying, rehabbing, selling or renovating Real Estate.
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Flip Properties™, Powered by PropStream® is the most trusted provider of real estate data nationwide. We empower real estate investors with the data, investor tools, and marketing solutions you need to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game.

We love partnering with Propstream®, it is a cost effective tool that levels the Real Estate playing field for everyone.Try it FREE for 7 Days !

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Big Data For Real Estate

Powerful Data + Targeted Marketing

Increase efficiency and find more opportunities. PropStream® helps you locate, evaluate and market to highly motivated buyers and sellers.
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built-in marketing features to quickly deliver voicemails, postcards, emails and online ads directly to your prospects

Identify Leads

Determine the right market to grow your business by searching over 153 million properties nationwide:
  • Locate fresh properties within your target market
  • Find and create prospect lists with 100+ targeting criteria
  • Identify property owners who are motivated to sell
Find property owner information and quickly review property details

Research Properties

Easily search and evaluate properties to see if they match your investment goals:
  • Gather market insight from comprehensive property data and neighborhood trends
  • Immediate access to market values and potential profits
  • Instantly generate comps from the most current and accurate data from MLS sales and county recordings
FlipProperties bleeding-edge tools investors need to make the most informed decisions implementing their financial strategy

Market To Your Leads

Build targeted marketing lists to reach more leads, book more meetings and close more deals – with less work:
  • Reach your prospects through customizable marketing tools
  • Find your next customer – before they even know they’re in the market
  • Track your marketing activities and stats

Residental & Comerical Property Records Nationwide

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